Are Aussie Guys Romantics

They certainly are..,

It is almost certain that every guy has a moment in his life when he wants to be a romantic, and no doubt considers buying a piece of jewellery for his girl, but the fear of entering a jewellery store might just freak him out, let's face it, guys need a little help. (read more…)

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Make Mum Happy With a Gift That Lasts.

We all have a mum, and how often do we really tell mum that we appreciate everything she has done for us, that's why we celebrate mothers day, it's a reminder to all of us, that without mum we wouldn't be here.

Mothers Day is coming up on May 11th 2014..

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Honest Pricing Earns Consumers Trust

Over the last couple of years Australian jewellery retailers have gone absolutely mad, offering hyper inflated pricing with a crazy 50% to 70% discont, some people may fall for the trick, but most are not stupid, and realize that they are having the wool pulled over their eyes. (read more…)

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If The Ring Fits: Tips on Ring Sizing

Diamond Eternity Ring

Have you ever found yourself in the predicament of wanting to buy or gift someone with a ring and yet not knowing how it would fit the intended recipient? Figuring out someone’s ring size is not as simple as whipping out a (read more…)

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The Worlds Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

Diamond & Ruby Ring

Silver and gold rings and diamond earrings—everyone loves flaunting fancy things. From kings and queens, rock stars and celebrities to wealthy businessmen and middle-class citizens, people spare no expense just to wear or give someone special a shiny frosting. Some view it as special pieces worthy of becoming an heirloom, while others simply shop for them on a whim. Some view it as symbol of love and eternity, while others treat it as a source of power and pride. No matter what reasons that may motivate a person to spend, the fact remains: jewellery is a valuable world currency. To prove its worth, here are some of the priciest and most significant jewellery pieces in history: (read more…)

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The Jackson 925 Collection of Mens Rings

Sterling Silver Ring with Zirconia

At one point in time men’s jewellery was not as fashionable as women’s jewellery. Other than a few pieces of jewellery such as a wedding ring, tie tacks and cufflinks, it was not something that a lot of men wore. It was not until recent years that jewellery such as men’s rings, chains, pendants and even bracelets have grown in popularity. Designer collections range from expensive luxury designer pieces to inexpensively priced punk jewellery. (read more…)

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Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Gold Ring - Colliding Waves Women think of jewellery as a fashion statement that will last them an entire lifetime, and rightly so. A classic piece is an instant family heirloom that can be passed on for generations. It is also seen as a status symbol, and a stunning accessory that can complete any ensemble and give the wearer an air of sophistication and elegance. Pendants, earrings and rings for women are top of mind when it comes to jewellery purchases, and have become favourite pieces over the years. (read more…)

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Jewellery Christmas Presents

In recent times, all the noise has been about electronic gadgets, cell phones and iPads, and many have totally forgotten about the joy of presenting jewellery.

Christmas presents of the special kind, are those that a person rarely affords themselves, because life is a balance between what you want and what you need, that's why it is such a joy to receive a thoughtful gift of jewellery.

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Top 10 Diamond Ring Designs

Diamonds are forever, which is why promises of eternal love in engagements are always symbolised by a diamond ring. Whether it’s the ostentatious kind or the type with a simple, dainty design, diamonds are still the top choice for rings and other types of jewellery. In case you are in search of the perfect ring for your fiancée, we will make the task easier for you by listing down some of the best ring designs in history.

< (read more…)

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Hey baby whats your sign - Pick up zodiac pendants today

It has to be one of the oldest and cheesiest pick-up lines in the book. If she points to the zodiac pendant she’s wearing, then you are in the clear. But if she points you to the door, then better luck next time.

Kidding aside, there is a good reason why that pick up line still makes the rounds, or for that matter, why a lot of people are wearing zodiac pendants. A significant number of people still put a lot of stock in the value of astrological signs and horoscopes when it comes to their daily lives. For some, this is even truer when it comes to romance. Want to find true love? Then marry a complimentary symbol. Headstrong Aries, for instance, will always want to explore and test their limits, so they will never be truly happy with a shy flower like Virgo who shrinks away from adventure and the limelight. Enigmatic Aquarians and secretive Scorpios, on the other hand, would do well with someone who can hold their own in a competition, and will be confident enough to give them the space they need such as a Leo or a Pisces. Capricorn’s need for stability is mirrored in Taurus’ grounded personality and hardworking nature, and is another potentially perfect match. (read more…)

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How Diamond Pendants Designs Can Get You Out of Trouble

You have done it again. You have forgotten your anniversary, left the toilet seat up for the hundredth time or forgot to pick up the dry-cleaning for the tenth time and she has had it. She refuses to speak to you and you are thanking your lucky stars that you are not sleeping in the yard with Rover just yet. The good news is that there is a great way for you to get back into her good graces and even accumulate a little goodwill for future slip-ups and that is with diamond pendants. Designs are plentiful and you do not really have to spend a fortune on one but diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. With a sparkly gift, your numerous transgressions can easily be forgiven and even forgotten. (read more…)

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Confirmation Jewellery can make a Childs Special Day Even More Special

Confirmation is a very special time in a child's life - it is a rite of passage for Catholics, an occasion that truly happens once in a lifetime. It is thus bound to be a ceremony that a child will always remember. This makes it imperative for a parent or guardian to mark this special occasion by gifting a child with something equally special and unique - for instance, a simple chain or other sort of kids jewellery - a dazzling gift that will truly take prominence over all other confirmation gifts a child may receive. (read more…)

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How to Wear Mens Jewellery

How to Wear Men’s Jewellery

Mens’s jewellery is not a new fad or concept. In fact, men have worn jewellery throughout history from necklaces and rings to earrings and chains. It has only been over the past two hundred years that the concept of men wearing anything other than a simple ring and a timepiece was considered to be too feminine. (read more…)

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Mens Tungsten Rings - Jewellery for the Rough and Rugged

We now live in an age where people are generally more considerate of personal styles, and men can wear jewellery proudly. A new generation of men, also known as “metrosexuals” are slowly emerging. Simply put, metrosexuals are young, urban heterosexual males with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste. Such men spend more on their appearance each morning and have a distinct taste in fashion and style; hence these men tend to accessorise and experiment more with certain jewellery pieces. (read more…)

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Cubic Zirconia Earrings Make the Perfect Present for Any Occasion

Every special occasion calls for a special gift. Some choose to give flowers and chocolates, gadgets, and even travel tickets. But nothing says ,you truly mean so much to me, better than jewellery does. If you are on the lookout for something exceptional to give to someone important on a very special occasion, check out Bee Jewellery online and look through their collection of fine pieces. They have a wide array of accessories - from (read more…)

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5 Awesome Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Frugal Shopper

Christmas is probably the most expensive holiday. Everyone goes out of their way to shop for gifts for their loved ones, a way of spreading joy and cheer for the Yuletide season. However, this season also brings the holiday shopping rush-and without proper planning, you might end up spending too much on a simple item. (read more…)

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Slip on Charm Jewellery for Good Luck and Added Sparkle

People from all over the world who have been trying to attract good luck have been making use of good luck charms for millennia. Such charms have a long and celebrated history in many cultures – and they continue to still be considered lucky even today.

While the range of lucky objects and good luck charms is quite expansive and often differs per culture, it is important to consider that the concept of the lucky charm is practically universal – many cultures, irrespective of the particular items they consider lucky and the traditions behind these practices, believe in the power of such charms to guarantee personal protection and safety, help guarantee success in business dealings, and so on and so forth. (read more…)

Good Luck  30-Jul-2013

Diamond Rings Help Your Look Come Alive

The combination of diamonds with precious or semiprecious materials in diamond rings can give you an air of sophistication and beauty. While other options are available -- including cubic zirconia rings, plain gold rings, silver rings, and tungsten men’s rings -- and are quite compelling in their own way, few things can pull your outfit together and accentuate your look quite like diamonds. (read more…)

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New Baby Jewellery Presents: A Good or Bad Idea?

Your close friend is expecting a new baby and you have been invited to the baby shower where gifts are expected. Most people pick the traditional route and give clothes, toys, bath products, nursing bottles or other baby keepsakes the new parents can easily amass and collect, but you are considering a new born baby gift that will standout and not fall under the generic label of gift-giving. You want something that will be distinctive and meaningful; something that everyone can appreciate. (read more…)

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