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Gold Charms - Bee Jewellery
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Hook on charm "Bonnet hat"
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Hook on charm "Bonnet hat"

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Read About Gold Charms…

Gold Charms As Personal Style Statements

Gold charms are very popular because the accessory allows you to wear jewellery and show off a bit of your personality at the same time. These adorable baubles are symbolic, interesting and fashionable. They can represent your interests, passion and beliefs, such as:

· If you are an animal lover, you can own charm bracelets with dogs, horses, birds or dolphins.

· If you are into dainty pieces, you would find flower charms most appealing.

· For sporty-types, you can wear charms with different sports paraphernalia to show this side in a stylish way.

Typically worn as bracelets, you can collect solid gold charms to remind you of momentous life events like the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary. For each of these special events, you can purchase a charm to add to the bracelet, such as a gold heart to signify a union, or an iconic image of the Eiffel tower to mark your very first and memorable trip to Paris.

These make excellent collections, particularly when you are going for a theme or style. They also make wonderful personalised gifts for the women in your life and they can be gifted to someone as young as six, so she can slowly build up her charm collection.

Since most of these pieces are readily available in white and yellow gold, they will always be in style. Bee Jewellery, an Australian jewellery design and manufacturing company servicing jewellery lovers for over 20 years, has a great selection of charms for every personality.

Gold Charms, Through the Ages

Wearing gold charms can be traced throughout human history. In the ancient times, the Egyptians used charms to profess their faith and attachment to their gods; they wore these to validate their devotion. During the Dark Ages, charms were worn as pendants. Medieval knights believed these could protect them during battles, while religious figures carry charms to show that they belong to an order. Prominent individuals with political clout also wear charms that carry crests and symbols of their families.

How to Accessorise Gold Charms

Charms are not limited to just bracelets or pendants because, as the designs are varied, these can be worn in many different ways. So, even if you do not fancy jewellery, you can still collect these trinkets for accessorising. Here are a few ways:

To wear as bracelets: Available in different styles, shapes and sizes, charm bracelets can be starter bracelets, too. You can mix and match the charms to show a whimsical appeal. If you are going to wear large charms with 9ct gemstones, pick a thicker chain so that it can properly support the bracelet. Spread the charms out so that it will look symmetrical and its weight will also be balanced on your wrist.

To wear as a necklace: These days you can also wear more than one pendant or display the charms in clusters hanging from a thick 14k gold chain. It is a great way to showcase your style and personality, especially if you are tired of wearing pieces on the wrist. Do not go overboard with charm necklaces though, as they can look too cluttered. Sometimes, it is still best to keep necklaces subtle than festive.

To use on purses: Play up your bag with charms to add your personal touch. Hook or clip these on the bag if you do not want to wear any jewellery on your body. You can add this to the zipper pull of the bag, or keep it dangling on the pocket, or just by the side of the handle for a signature touch.

To adorn shoes and other garments: To make your shoes and sneakers more eye-catching, clip a charm on it. Gold charms can add shine and lustre to dull and basic flat shoes. At the same time, you are making a style statement wearing it this way. If you are fond of track suits and jackets, you can make these less sporty by adding your favourite charm symbols to the zipper pulls, to show several facets of your personality.

To decorate the hair: Charms on the hair will look really flirty and unique. Keep your hair tied in braids, buns or pigtails and then put the charms on for a nice and elegant touch. You can do these for formal attires, casual get-ups and even if you are just wearing a simple shorts and top for the summer. The charms add just a hint of glitz and glam to an otherwise flat and ordinary look.

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