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Girls Silver Clover Ring
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Girls Silver Clover Ring

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Read About Childrens Silver Jewellery…

Children's Silver Jewellery: Sterling Presents for Special Occasions

It is never too early to start buying jewellery for your kids. In fact, it has become common practice for close friends and family to purchase child-sized bangles, pendants, bracelets, and other items as gifts for an expectant mom. They are also presented as extra-special gifts for a child’s birth, christening, baptism, or birthday, and are considered appropriate tokens to mark special events in a child’s life, such as a first tooth or their first day at school.

Children's silver jewellery is particularly popular, especially earrings with surgical steel posts which are usually the choice for a baby girl’s first pair. While there are many lovely items crafted from gold and other metals, silver is the go-to material for kids’ jewellery as it is durable enough that school-aged children can safely run around with it on and it will not scuff too badly or break too easily. It is valuable but still generally affordable, striking the perfect balance between practicality and luxury. And finally, it looks good on kids, without looking ostentatious and attracting unwanted attention. A delicate sterling silver chain, for example, accentuates a little girl’s sense of whimsy and innocence, and is better for daily use than a gold one, especially considering that the higher quality gold chains tend to be too soft and malleable for anyone to wear every day.

When looking to buy for children, make sure that you purchase jewellery made of 925 sterling silver. The industry standard, it indicates that the metal is actually an alloy, a composite that is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is usually copper, an inert metal that does not in any way minimize the beauty or value of your jewellery. It is usually infused into pure silver to make it stronger, easier to work with, and more durable.

This is especially important to remember when buying items for children who might have issues with impure metals, because sterling silver is less likely to induce allergic reactions or irritate young, sensitive skin.

The age at which children should be allowed to wear jewellery is still the topic of heated debate among parents and caretakers. Some people believe that piercing a baby girl’s ears is the norm, while others think that earrings should only be worn by older children. Before giving these items as gifts, try to find out the parent’s opinion about kids’ jewellery. But even if you are in the dark about their beliefs, child-sized silver necklaces or silver pendants are generally safe choices. These can be kept for when the children are a little older or included in the child’s wardrobe immediately, depending on their parents’ wishes.

Mummy and me jewellery sets are also particularly well-appreciated gifts. These can be a matched set of differently sized chains with identical pendants, or bracelets with matching designs. For an heirloom touch, you can opt for matching bangle-style bracelets and have the child’s name and date of birth engraved on the inside of it. Mothers given these types of jewellery sets usually wear their items and set the child’s jewellery aside for when they’re old enough to appreciate it.

Other sets that you can pick as charming gifts for young children are just like those that you would get for adults and are composed of matching earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace and pendant.

Kid’s jewellery is not just for girls, either. Currently, you can also find entire lines of silver jewellery online and in retail shops dedicated to little boys. Simple silver chains or loops that go around tiny wrists are popular selections. You can also choose a beautiful heirloom silver pendant that any young man would be happy to wear around his neck.

However, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options, you can opt to buy a beautiful jewellery box instead. It is certain to be appreciated by the child’s parents, who would want a place to keep the child’s jewellery safe and at the same time separate from their own. It’s also a lasting gift for the child. While he or she might lose smaller trinkets, they’re likely to cherish their very own jewellery box, even up to adu lthood.

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