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Men's Diamond Ring "Rolex Look"

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Gold Men's Ring - 16 Diamonds

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Men's Diamond Ring

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Gold Men's Dress Ring with Diamond

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Square Unisex Signet Ring
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Square Unisex Signet Ring

Now only $349.00
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Mens Ring with Solid Gold Inlay

Yours for only $259.00
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Star Set Diamond Men's Ring

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Classic Sapphire Stud Earrings

Yours for only $479.00
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Gold Men's Ring - 16 Diamonds

Yours for only $999.00
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Silver and Solid Gold Stud Earrings with CZ

Yours for only $139.00
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Silver Cross Pendant with Solid Gold Inlay

Yours for only $169.00
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Men's flat top Diamond ring

Yours for only $649.00
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Solid Mens Dress Ring with Gold Inlay

Yours for only $329.03
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J04 - Sterling Silver and 9 Carat Gold Men's Ring - Size U

Yours for only $129.00
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J11 - Combination Silver Gold Men's Ring - Sapphire - Size U

Yours for only $169.00
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Silver Gent's Ring with 9 Carat Gold Braid - Size W

Yours for only $189.00
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Men's Gold Ring with Diamonds

Yours for only $499.00
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Mens Gold ring with Diamonds

Yours for only $1099.00
(Earn a $109.90 discount coupon)

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209 items

Read About Mens Jewellery - Bee…

Bee Mens Jewellery

Men wearing jewellery is not a new concept. Centuries ago, famous men in history, such as rulers and warriors, wore necklaces, earrings, rings, chains and amulets. Then and now, various forms of media depict their images as wearing lavish and intricately detailed pieces. But in the last two hundred years or so, the choices of jewellery for men were limited to the simple and straightforward rings or timepieces. Anything in excess was seen as feminine.

Recently, however, there has been a noticeable growth and trend with society's interest over men's jewellery. In fact, top designers today are building their brand, reputation, and business empire around jewellery collections with men as main consumers. Although wearing men's jewellery isn't as conventional as women in the name of style and fashion, there is definitely a niche of men who are slowly noticing that jewellery can add a bit of colour and character to how a person presents himself.

So how does a man carry himself by wearing jewellery?

Be simple. Unless you are comfortable with elaborate pieces, it is best to keep the designs simple but classic. Ostentatious pieces tend to clash with a man's style, especially with the unspoken rules of fashion. Going against it would be ground-breaking or avant-garde even, but not necessarily welcomed in many circles.

For instance, businessmen are expected to be in appropriate and modest clothing when facing clients, which means that as a man, you are left with safe jewellery choices like wedding bands, rings, tie clips, cuffs and lapel pins. While it is unusual to see businessmen wearing earrings, it is fairly common to see men with pierced ears working in the field of art or creativity. What you wear is dictated upon by your lifestyle, but with jewellery for men, keeping it simple is the safest choice.

Make a statement or identity. With men's jewellery, making a "statement" means differently from the way fashion connotes it. Jewellery, in this sense, is more of a reference to something that matters in a man's life, like with class rings, service pins, athletic rings, or a wedding band.

There are men who use jewellery as an access point to help increase their chances of making a possible business match, like with fraternity rings or class rings, recognised only by the brotherhood. If you wear one of these, you are more likely to get noticed by someone who knows what the ring represents.

Mix and match. In men's style, gold jewellery is mostly worn for accent or contrast, like wearing a gold bracelet against navy or dark, earth-tone suits. Silver jewellery is worn to complement grey or black suits or sports attire, for a more polished and classic look. Some collections incorporate wood and leather, or any other unusual material, into the design. These types are best worn with casual clothes and not suits.

Mixing and matching different metals may clash with style that it would better to stick to one type. So if you are wearing gold ring on your finger, it should be matched with another gold piece, like a chain band on the wrist, for example, except when you have wedding ring.

Types of Men's Jewellery

Perhaps the wedding ring is the most essential jewellery a man can wear, and it is worn all the time, with whatever outfit, and regardless of the style, material, design and texture.

Rings come in many types and can be classified as everyday jewelry. While two rings are enough to be worn at one time, collecting as many different designs and styles as you can is a worthy investment because these can become heirloom pieces passed on to family members.

Next to wedding bands and rings, watches are considered prime pieces and regarded as investments as well. The dressier the watch is, the more valuable it becomes, and the more it adds to the way a man styles himself.

Bracelets and necklaces are worn by both men and women for flair. But for men, these types of jewellery usually come with classic chains and designs, with little variations in trends.

Earrings are acceptable on men these days, but not for more conservative communities. The style is also limited to studs and the less noticeable, the better.

Those working in the corporate or business arena may probably have to invest in a few other pieces of men's jewellery such as gold or silver cufflinks or tie pins. These are functional, worn to present a more distinguished and impressionable look. You do not normally need to wear these pieces daily, as they reserved for special events..

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