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Gold Chains - Bee Jewellery
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Gold Chain Fine Curb link - 45 cm

Yours for only $329.00
(Earn a $32.90 discount coupon)

Rose Gold Chain "Fine Curb Link" - 45 cm

Yours for only $289.00
(Earn a $28.90 discount coupon)

Lightweight Platinum Chain - 45 cm

Yours for only $1099.00
(Earn a $109.90 discount coupon)

White Gold Chain "Fine Curb Link" - 45 cm

Yours for only $299.00
(Earn a $29.90 discount coupon)

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4 items

Read About Gold Chains…

Investing In Gold Chains - Bee

Wearing classic chains can work for both men and women. Coming in many styles, length and tone, it can be used as a fashionable accent, a statement piece, or an everyday accessory. The price range of gold chains also varies, depending on the quality of the gold.

Pure gold, which is classified as 24 karats or "999.9" under the modern system, is the purest form of gold and is characteristically soft and malleable. As such, you do not often find chains in this composition because it could easily snag and break. It is common practice for jewellers to mix pure gold with another type of metal in making chains so that damage is prevented. Hence, you have gold chains marked "375" or "585", or classified into Italian gold, white gold or rose gold. These have to do with the way jewellery makers fuse the metals together.

The beauty of gold is that even when mixed with other elements to make an alloy, the jewellery will, in most cases, not tarnish. In fact, the higher the gold composition, the less likely the gold will turn dark. Since gold is inert, which means it does not react, it retains its original properties well. This is one of the reasons why gold is considered more precious than silver, since the latter is prone to react to other metals and can eventually turn to black due to its mixture.

There are so many choices for chains available, particularly with Bee Jewellery's inventory, and some are actually more presentable for certain genders than others. For instance, thinner chains done in rose gold are more appropriate for women to wear, while white gold with thick chains suit the men better.

The most common types of chains include rope chains, box chains, curb link chains and herringbone chains. The length, colour, and the size of the chain can also vary that wearing it is really a matter of preference and personal style.

Chains that require pendants or charms are better thick than thin, so that they fall nicely on the neck or wrists. This is not to say, however, that lighter chains are less durable and versatile. It all depends, once again, on the gold's composition and how a person chooses to style and wear it.

Cost of chains also varies based on a lot of these considerations but you can get affordable gold pieces easily, as this is common and basic jewellery. Most people own at least one or two in their lifetime.

While it is true that gold hardly tarnishes, those that are made with less gold that can lose its lustre. Cleaning it would help bring the shine back. The process is quite simple, with only the use of soft cloth, dishwashing liquid and water. Gold is a gentle metal, which means it does not require abrasive cleaning. The use of a brush with toothpaste or baking soda should be avoided, as these can scratch the chain's surface.

Lastly, do not store chains with sulphur-producing materials, such as rubber bands, newspaper, silk, leather or cardboard, because their elements can affect the quality of your gold jewellery.

Care for your gold pieces can help the jewellery appear like they are still brand new for years and years to come.