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Mens Rings - Bee Jewellery
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Men's Created Ruby and Diamond Ring

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Mens Diamond Ring - Wedder

Yours for only $689.00
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Diamond Set Men's Ring

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Ring & Stone Mens Oval Peridot
38% OFF

Ring & Stone Mens Oval Peridot

Now only $79.95
RRP $129.00   Save $49.05

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4 items

Read About Mens Rings…

Men's Rings: Choosing An Ideal One for You or Your Mate

Compared to women's jewellery, it does not seem as though the designs for men's jewellery are not as creative, colourful and inventive. And there is a particular reason for this, as men generally have to maintain a certain air of masculinity even as they accessorize. Still, there is some variety with the designs and there are still a number of choices to pick from, especially if you look at the gallery of mens rings from Bee Jewellery.

Characteristically, rings for men are thicker in composition compared to women's rings. This may be attributed to the fact that men are anatomically built with bigger hands, so they need thicker pieces. When you see a man wearing a ring, the band is almost always large. There are, however, some rings for men that come with thinner bands. This does not have any influence at all to the way it looks on a man'ss fingers. Besides, even when it is made thinner, a man'ss ring is still generally thicker compared to the ladies.

Like with any type of jewellery, wearing or using one is a matter of taste and preference. But suppose you have to buy men'ss rings from jewellery stores or get the jewellery online and intend to give this as a gift? Here are some considerations you have to go over before finalizing a purchase:

What is the ring for? If it is a wedding band, it normally has to match the bride'ss ring design. This ring could be speckled with diamond and it really will not matter. When it comes to wedding rings, there does not seem to be any rule or decorum to follow and a man will have to wear it, regardless. If it is meant to be a birthday gift or an anniversary gift, the choices are a lot more open and you can pick from white gold, silver, titanium, platinum or tungsten rings.

What type of man is going to wear it? What is his work like? Some men may not be accustomed to wearing gemstone rings with a black diamond, for instance, because the design may be too high profile for work that often sends them out on the field. Some men may not even be allowed to wear any rings at work because it can affect safety. So before you make your choice, consider the lifestyle of the man you plan to gift this ring.

Play around with metal choices to give your gift a unique charm. While most men would safely wear the basic gold or sterling silver, or even white gold rings, there are other types of metals that will look edgier and more presentable on a man. Some designs offer a stylish twist, such as platinum or tungsten carbide men'ss rings, which may actually be cheaper and more durable than basic gold.

Even more presentable would be to buy two-tone rings, as it adds character and brings a definitive edge. Titanium, for example, can be worn in different hues and colours, and can work as a perfect accent piece to match your man'ss tuxedo, for example.

Should you consider a bit of pizzazz in the design, like adding gemstones, perhaps? While it is true that diamonds are a girl'ss best friend, the men could also get a little bit comfortable with it. If you have to get mens jewellery with stones though, then make sure that this is bezel-set and the cuts of the gems are smaller. The ring will still look manly but without the flashy and attention-grabbing facets that are usually reserved for female fashion.

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