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Q1.Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian on her 33rd birthday with a 15-carat diamond ring.

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Q2.Beyonce's ring, features a large emerald-cut 18-carat diamond at its centre.

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Q3. Matt Bellamy presented Kate Hudson with a 9-carat emerald-cut diamond ring.

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Buying jewellery online has its allure and perks. Apart from the convenience of shopping, the merchandise is sometimes sold at more affordable prices compared to retail stores. Understandably though, people may have some misgivings about purchasing jewellery on the Internet. You cannot actually see and examine the product when this has to be fitted perfectly, as in the case of a bridal or wedding ring. Prudent shoppers would advise, however, that if you do want to try buying jewellery online, it would be best to do your homework about the item you want and know the accurate sizes so that it fits right. It would also help if you only shop at reputable online stores.

Established in 1983, Bee Jewellery, a premier jewellery designer and manufacturer in Australia, has seen through a lot of changes with the consumer buying habits. But even with these changes, there is one thing Bee Jewellery recognises as constant — whatever buying habits people learn to adapt, they would always be buying jewellery. For who doesn't love something sparkly or shiny?

With these things in mind, and with the company's decades of experience in the business, setting up shop for jewellery online was the next logical step.

Jewellery Specials

It is fairly easy to navigate through Bee Jewellery's online store since the items are categorised according to type, while special collections like men's jewellery or chains are also tagged and grouped together. Simply click on the section and find what you like. These collections have the right mix; it's a marriage of timeless inspirations and fashionable innovation. With a vast inventory, you are likely to find that perfect piece for yourself or for a loved-one.

It should be worth noting that Bee Jewellery has designed, manufactured and sold over five million pieces since its operation and through the changing times.

Diamond Rings

Through the ages, rings have become symbolical pieces, representing eternal love, commitment, brotherhood or power. Today, they range from everyday jewellery and tokens or gifts, to statement pieces for the fashion-forward. Bee Jewellery's inventory includes a number of ring collections, including diamond eternity or engagement rings, silver or gold toe rings and gem set fun rings, among others.

Diamond Earrings

Most girls probably own a pair of earrings as their very first jewellery. Fathers and significant-others would love nothing more than to spoil their girls with a set of this. But if you simply love to treat yourself with earrings, there are a lot of choices from Bee Jewellery online — a simple solitaire diamond stud for a little girl's 10-year old birthday, gorgeous gemset dress earrings for that young lady who will soon be off to college, or a cubic zirconia pair to reward yourself for that promotion.

Diamond Pendants

Pendants complement an outfit rather nicely and what's great about it is that it can take different forms. Sometimes, it is really all it takes to complete a look. Whether worn long or short, in layers, in an ensemble, or just hanging from a simple chain, pendants from Bee Jewellery are perfect pieces worn to jazz-up plain clothes or add personality to what you are wearing.

Mens Rings

Men normally don't wear jewellery to make a fashion statement, but they acquire these as investment pieces. Bee Jewellery's line for men presents sensible style without sacrificing masculinity. The rings, cuffs and pendants are designed to outlast fads, and quality and integrity of the mens jewellery collections will remain intact through the test of time. What's more, these are made from precious valuable metals like gold and silver; investment pieces indeed.

Silver Chains

Basic silver and gold chains are popular choices because these metals can match any outfit. Depending on how you wear them, these chains work well with Bee Jewellery's pendant collections. There is also a special collection for silver bracelets in the inventory. As an everyday accessory, silver lends a nice touch that exudes simple elegance.

Service & Guarantee

All pieces from Bee Jewellery come with a 10-year guarantee and there is a customer-friendly return policy if you are not satisfied with the item. Patrons are also offered loyalty discounts, which can be extended to friends who are looking to shop for jewellery, too. Buying jewellery online is also made easier with the help desk set in place to attend to your questions and concerns.

Australian Jewellery Brand

Many people forget that Australia has a long history of jewellery manufactring and that some of our jewellery brands have been around much longer than Pandora or Thomas Sabo, in fact Bee jewellery has been established for more than 30 years and has manfactured and supplied over 5 million pcs of jewellery to Australian Consumers.

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