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Earrings with gems - Bee jewellery
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Garnet Stud Earrings "Classic"

Yours for only $249.00
(Earn a $24.90 discount coupon)

Blue Topaz Stud Earrings 3.0 cm

Yours for only $169.00
(Earn a $16.90 discount coupon)

Ruby Stud Earrings - 2.5 cm

Yours for only $149.00
(Earn a $14.90 discount coupon)

Ruby Stud Earrings - 3 cm

Yours for only $159.00
(Earn a $15.90 discount coupon)

Ruby Stud Earrings - 4 cm

Yours for only $229.00
(Earn a $22.90 discount coupon)

Round Emerald Studs

Yours for only $189.00
(Earn a $18.90 discount coupon)

Garnet Stud Earrings - 2.5 cm

Yours for only $149.00
(Earn a $14.90 discount coupon)

Sapphire Earrings

Yours for only $459.00
(Earn a $45.90 discount coupon)

Hoop Earrings with Sapphire Teardrops

Yours for only $689.00
(Earn a $68.90 discount coupon)

Princess Cut Sapphire Earstuds

Yours for only $269.00
(Earn a $26.90 discount coupon)

Blue Topaz Earrings with Six Gems

Yours for only $899.00
(Earn a $89.90 discount coupon)

Page 1
11 items

Read About Earrings with gems - Bee jewellery…

Basic Buying and Care Guide for Gemset Solitaire Studs

Solitaire jewellery features one particular gemstone set in four to six prongs. The word is often associated with engagement rings, where the most popular gemstone is diamonds, of course. But the term can also be applicable to earrings, particularly gemset solitaire studs.

The gems can be any of the thirty different semi-precious stones available, such as sapphire, amethyst, ruby, garnet, pearl, emeralds, including gold. Similar to rings, the cut for solitaire earrings is also a vital indicator to its quality, design and price. The cuts can be anything from round, heart, pear, marquise, princess, emerald, or asscher, while more designs are being innovative by jewellers through the years.

However, some solitaire pieces do have side stones around it. But what makes it distinct is the lone gemstone that standouts from the ring design. This gemstone can be really big and commanding, but it can also be tiny, but very attractive and noticeable.

With so many designs to choose from, particularly from Bee Jewellery's wide selections, you can bet that there are gemset solitaire studs for every type of person.

Buying Tips

How do you know if the solitaire earrings you are buying are worth the cut and size? There really are so many factors, other than the price. But the biggest mark would have to be the person who will wear it.

Different stones match different personalities, and some stones do actually represent certain characteristics that can complement its owner's. Before you set to make a purchase, do a bit of research about your receiver's preference if you're buying this as a gift. You could mistakenly give her emerald studded earrings, only to find out that green does not complement her skin tone.

If you are buying this for yourself, then it is easier to make a choice and determine the design, colour, cut and size you want. Studded gemstone earrings are really very practical investments, as these can be worn in both regular days and special events, or these can become part of your signature look.

Care Tips

Studded earrings with gemstones are supposed to be quality pieces, with its construction sturdy and tough enough to last for years. But because of constant exposure and your lifestyle, the gems can dull and lose its lustre, or it can come off on the setting. Care and caution should be applied so that its quality is maintained.

While it can be worn daily, remove your studs when you have to go swimming. Chemicals from the pool, or the water from the beach can affect its sheer and shine.

Do the same when you have to take a bath in the shower, or put on your favourite perfume, or set your hair with products. Any chemicals that the stones come in contact with can easily change its composition.

Clean your pieces regularly using mild soap, water and some soft dry cloth. Soak the earrings in a small dish for a few minutes and then rinse this with water. Dry with the cloth and let it air out for a while before storing back in its container.

The container should also be a soft pouch, so that the stones do not get scratched. If you keep it in a small box, make sure to wrap the earrings with soft cloth or tissue first, for extra protection. You can also bring this to the jeweller for proper cleaning.

If the setting loosens, bring this to the jeweller immediately to repair it. Do not attempt to glue the gems yourself, because you could alter the way the prongs stand.

Gemset solitaire studs remain popular for so many years because the earing evokes class and elegance even when it is just a simple piece.

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