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Gold Earrings - Bee Jewellery
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Gold Tick Earrings

Yours for only $259.00
(Earn a $25.90 discount coupon)

39% OFF


Now only $139.00
RRP $229.00   Save $90.00

Cute Dolphin Earrings
33% OFF

Cute Dolphin Earrings

Now only $199.00
RRP $299.00   Save $100.00

Three tone circle earrings
36% OFF

Three tone circle earrings

Now only $479.00
RRP $749.00   Save $270.00

Gold Circles in Circle Earrings
33% OFF

Gold Circles in Circle Earrings

Now only $259.00
RRP $389.00   Save $130.00

Gold Basket Weave Ear Studs

Yours for only $499.00
(Earn a $49.90 discount coupon)

Gold Christmas tree Earrings

Yours for only $429.00
(Earn a $42.90 discount coupon)

White gold hoop earrings with a twist.
28% OFF

White gold hoop earrings with a twist.

Now only $329.00
RRP $459.00   Save $130.00

White Gold Basket Weave Earrings

Yours for only $529.00
(Earn a $52.90 discount coupon)

Page 1
9 items

Read About Gold Earrings…

Gold Earrings - Style, Care and Buying Tips

The most revered of all precious metals, gold denotes beauty and status, and it's popular all over the world. In the ancient times, it represented royalty and prestige. As a metal, gold is known to be ductile and malleable, with its purity gauged in carats, and symbolized by "k" (in lower caps) or numbers (under the modern system). Jewellers create gold pieces by mixing it with other metals like silver, copper, rhodium, or palladium, so that it looks more stylish and durable.

Jewellery that is made of gold is considered a classic and versatile staple that brings warmth and charm to someone's style. Gold earrings are especially popular for women because of these characteristics. Whether you like wearing these earrings as a stud, hook, drop, dangle, or perhaps something more ornate, its timeless appeal makes these pieces a really worthy investment.

What and Where to Wear Them

Because these earrings add a touch of glamour, they can be worn to highlight neutral outfits. For instance, the classic LBD (little black dress) may look very basic, but by wearing a pair of yellow gold ear pieces, you can transform the look.

Clothes in jewel tones, such as those in deep green, purple and blue, go very well with gold. Tying this look together will make you standout, but the earrings can also work well with muted, pastel or light coloured clothes, provided that the form or design is smaller and daintier. White gold or rose gold pieces work well with such light fabrics.

Because gold commands attention, it also works for men. While it's not the convention and only a few can pull this off, men in suits who also don simple studded earrings in gold deliver such a fashionable impression.

Gold is a go-to accessory, an everyday piece that can be worn with rugged or sporty attires. Yet it can also be an accent piece to gives you that boost of confidence for a meeting with business associates. It's also a fashionable accessory to match your pretty party dresses.

Pairing Gold Earrings with Other Jewellery

Although gold is considered a basic piece, it can be finicky when matched with other types of jewellery. There is a certain art to wearing the earrings to match with a necklace, ring or bracelet made from other materials. Doing it the wrong way can look tacky and unsophisticated, regardless of how fashion dictates it, or despite the popularity of two-tone jewelry today.

For instance, a necklace made of silver can clash with the crisp and polished feel of the golden earrings, so it's best to stick with just one type of metal when wearing jewellery.

Diamonds and pearls can work with gold; however, it is best to stick with designs that are not intricate or elaborate so that the look won't blow over.

Buying and Caring for Gold Earrings

Quality gold jewellery is best determined by how long it retains its colour, shine and lustre. Since pure gold (designated as 24-karat or "999.9") is so soft, mixing it with other metals will make it tougher. This is why you find gold jewellery labelled as white, rose, or yellow gold marked as "375 " , "585" or "750", depending on its composition. Mixed with other alloy, its appearance can change or deteriorate when proper care is not observed.

Avoid spraying your earrings with perfume, cologne or hair spray, because this can alter the surface's appearance.

Experts recommend regularly cleaning the earrings with simple soap and water, as well as a soft cloth, as part of its maintenance.

If you don't have to use it, keep it in a soft pouch.

On Bee Jewellery, earrings come with a ten-year guarantee, so you can be assured of the finest quality pieces. They are also designed with leverback clasp, which makes the pieces easier to wear.

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