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Gold Pendants - Bee Jewellery
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Gold Love Heart Pendant

Yours for only $249.00
(Earn a $24.90 discount coupon)

Gold Cross Pendant

Yours for only $169.00
(Earn a $16.90 discount coupon)

Gold Heart Bead on Silver Snake Chain
14% OFF

Gold Heart Bead on Silver Snake Chain

Now only $369.00
RRP $429.00   Save $60.00

Gold Heart Bead on Silver Necklace
13% OFF

Gold Heart Bead on Silver Necklace

Now only $399.00
RRP $459.00   Save $60.00

Two Hearts Necklace - Gold

Yours for only $489.00
(Earn a $48.90 discount coupon)

Yellow Gold Basket Weave Pendant

Yours for only $249.00
(Earn a $24.90 discount coupon)

White Gold Basket Weave Pendant
8% OFF

White Gold Basket Weave Pendant

Now only $229.00
RRP $249.00   Save $20.00

Page 1
7 items

Read About Gold Pendants…

Gold Pendants - Timeless Wearability and Sensible Style

While very common and accessible to a lot of jewellery lovers, gold pendants remain stunning and appealing in whatever design. When worn as a necklace, it can immediately update a dress or outfit without any effort. It may not be as colourful as pendants with gemstones. It may not be flashy as a diamond necklace. But most people prefer owing gold pieces of jewellery because wearing one with style is instant and uncomplicated.

Some cultures rooted in ancient beliefs regard gold pendants as amulets that protect them from discord or harm. These days, however, this piece is more befitting as an ornament or decorative piece that can be worn every day or for special occasions, depending on its quality and design.

Universal Appeal

Part of the appeal to having gold jewellery, or the pendants in particular, is that it is globally regarded as both simple yet elegant. The fact is many people own gold jewellery and its one type that is easy to give as a gift.

With pendants made from gold, there are plenty of ways to use, wear, or style these.

You can wear them attached to ribbons, a leather wire, a metal wire, pearls or beaded wires and come up with different effects.

You can wear them with shirts, blousy tops, suits, or dresses to complement any style.

You can gift them for birthdays, graduations, Valentine's Day, anniversaries and special events like a promotion.

You can give this to the men or offer to buy for women. You can surprise this to your significant other or children, your parents, siblings, relatives, or friends.

Extensive Styling Options

The design possibilities with gold pendants are endless, as gold is a malleable metal that can be formed into many shapes and forms. Butterflies, heart, keys and lockets are just some of the samples of pendant forms you can get.

You can match these pendants with other type of metal, such as silver, for a fabulous two-toned piece.

You can find gold in varieties: white, yellow, rose, Italian, German, Arabian, and many others and use any of these to match your clothes or the occasion.

You can wear the pendants on the wrist, attached to a bracelet chain, instead of the usual neck chain.


Many jewellery offer versatility in style but none is perhaps more durable than gold. You do not even have to take off pendants or necklaces made in gold, since these can be worn even in your sleep or as you take a bath. When gold jewellery is made of high quality, you do not have to worry with snagging or losing it, or ending up with a faded piece.

Select from Bee Jewellery's collection of pendants and know that when you buy a piece from our online jewellery store, you know you're getting a quality item. Bee Jewellery offers a ten-year guarantee for all its items.

Care and Cleaning

Even with all the positive qualities to owning gold jewellery, care for it must be applied because this is, after all, a valuable piece of investment. If you are the type to wear gold pendants every day, proper care is still important so that the piece can last and its quality remains.

Use of mild soap and water normally does the trick. You can soak your pendant in it for several minutes, before wiping it clean.

If your pendant becomes moist, due to water, or sweat, or anything liquid, drying it out or airing it is necessary so that the moist will not change the gold's;s composition. While it usually doesn't happen, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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