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Child's Heart Signet Ring - Size K
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Child's Heart Signet Ring - Size K

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Read About Childrens Gold Jewellery…

Children’s Gold Jewellery: It’s Never Too Young To Have Them

Is giving jewellery to a child considered an excessive gesture? Some would probably consider gifting someone as young as 5 years old her very first children’s gold jewellery as extravagant, since at this age, a child would still not understand the value of something precious. But the thing is, children are themselves precious. And sometimes we cannot help ourselves profess our love and appreciation for them by presenting them with cherished tokens such as jewellery.

Jewellery designed for kids can be treasured items that mark the milestones and moments they have. Whether it is a child’s christening, a celebration of her first birthday, or her first day in school, any jewellery can be a nice reminder of all these important moments. The jewellery does not necessarily have to worn everyday, like most adults would wear theirs. But the child can wear them during special occasions or commemorations. Or these can be pieces the child can eventually use when she is older.

Children’s jewellery was first used in the ancient times. Back then, adults believed these would protect their little ones from evil spirits. In some cultures, this still applies. Many kids wear gold bracelets, for example, with charms featuring angels or animals as guardians.

The popularity of jewellery for children in the market has grown steadily. Today, you can find different pieces ranging from rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants. While not a usual option most adults go for when it comes to gifting kids, there is always a reason to buy one, which is why jewellery stores always have a kid’s collection in their inventory.

Characteristics of Children’s Gold Jewellery

Children’s jewellery is usually designed as light-weight and comfortable to wear. They should not come with sharp edges, but are rather rounded and smooth, to avoid harming the child’s skin.

The most popular pieces include gold studded earrings or small hoops for little girls. Charm bracelets are commonly gifted to infants. When they become more mobile as toddlers, these charms are kept so as not to break it. But the child has the choice to use this again when she is much older. Bracelets in white gold, thick chains and heavy links are ideal for boys between 7 to 10 years old, while necklaces with adorable pendants will work best for young girls.

Buying Children’s Gold Jewellery

Most children will have accumulated a massive number of toys and books before they even learn to walk and talk. Children do love these and will probably pay less attention to a bangle they received. But it is really never too early to buy jewellery for children because since most jewellery designs are timeless, in time, they will eventually learn to appreciate having these tokens; especially when they realize that these mementos have been gifted to them at a young age and as such, represent dear memories.

When buying jewellery for children, the one thing to keep in mind is that while these items can be sentimental investment pieces, they need to be fun purchases as well. Look into designs that a young girl or boy can appropriately wear, such as pendants in the shape of their favourite animal or sports. Some of these pieces may also be adorned with their birthstone, which would be a great way to educate them about what birthstones represent. It may also be a great idea to create personalised jewellery by having bracelets engraved with their name, or gifting them with pendants of their initials or nicknames.

Some jewellery for kids are designed in rose gold or silver pieces, and then made more colourful with gemstones as add-ons. But if you are not sure about the design or style, the safest would be to opt for gold jewellery since aside from the fact that this can go with almost anything, gold is long lasting and timeless.

Try browsing the children’s gold jewellery selection Bee Jewellery has to offer. There are plenty of classic pieces that are most appropriate for kids. As a long-time jewellery designer and manufacturer in Australia, Bee Jewellery has had lots of experience with eager parents, doting aunts and godparents who want to give jewellery as gifts. All jewellery, including items for kids, also come with a ten year guarantee.

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